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Be Prepared for Seasonal Changes!

• September 15, 2020

Be Prepared for Seasonal Changes

We hope everyone is off to a great new year! Despite it being winter, things are staying relatively steady here at Roof It Right, LLC. After the Fall weather change, rain, and leaves dropping, we have been getting quite a few calls for leaks…so, I thought I would write about what you can do to avoid having to make the same call. Being proactive by calling a professional roofing company to inspect your roof, rather than reactive after a leak has occurred, can save you lots of money. Let me explain why you should call during this time of year, and why you should call a roofing company to clean your gutters…

One of the major causes for leaks are seasonal weather changes that occur from Fall to Winter. Changes in temperature cause the expansion and contraction of your roofing system and structural components of your roof. As the temperature changes to a much cooler one in winter, the thermal contraction of those parts of your home can create issues where you had none before. A professional roofing inspector is trained to discover those issues before they become a much bigger problem, and they are often ready to deal with those repairs on the spot.

Here at Roof It Right, LLC we recommend that you call in late fall to have a qualified roofing company evaluate your roof for potential cracks, unsealed shingles, nails that have worked loose, and to clean your gutters of debris that could clog downspouts, or create areas for snow and ice build-up. If you stay ahead of these problems, there is a good chance you will prevent much more extensive damage to your home. Also, keep in mind that during winter and spring it is often difficult to make larger roofing repairs due to unsafe weather conditions, and if you wait until there is already a considerable leak, it may still take some time before a repair can safely be made.

Keeping your gutters cleaned can prevent fungal, moss and algal growth on your roof, which can be unsightly, and potentially detrimental to the lifespan of your roof. Many roofing companies are prepared to offer seasonal specials to help you avoid these problems by cleaning your gutters, but they also offer much greater value than non-roofing gutter cleaners because they can inspect and repair damage to your roofing system while they are there. Additionally, it may be wise to consider that insurance for things like gutter cleaning and roof inspections is expensive due to fall hazards being the leading cause of workplace fatalities. Companies that are not on ladders or roofs everyday may not have the adequate safety equipment, training, and insurance to protect against those hazards, and that could be disastrous!

If you would like to know more about our fall cleaning and inspection specials, please call us, and we’d be happy to discuss!
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