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It’s Time for a Check-Up

When was the last time that your roof had a check-up? If you wait until the next Louisville flash flood, you might find it a little too late and a little too expensive.  We love saving our customers time and money with a little education and preventative care. It makes sense to prevent damage caused by clogged up gutters and take a little extra time to see what maintenance your roof might need now or later. When your roof does need more extensive repairs, you will be prepared for it. Our 2020 Fall Special* includes a complete gutter cleaning, a thorough roof inspection, and minor roof repairs. $199 now could save you thousands later. For more details on what our trained inspectors look for on the roof, please watch our video, “The Health of Your Roof”.

Let us do right by you!

*Exclusions apply: Base price of $199 is for normal powered air gutter cleaning service on a 
one-story 2,000 sq. ft. home with non-steep roof with repair of up to 10 popped nails. 
Additional charges may apply. No guarantees or warranties are offered with this special. 

Know Your Roof

The photo gallery below shows a few problems that a proper roof inspection by a respected company could reveal. Prompt repair of these issues could prevent future problems down the road. (a) pop-up nail damaging shingles (b) damaged multiple layers of shingles (c) granule loss due to age (d) rotted wood due to previous improper installation of flashing

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